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My office is easily accessible from Okemos, Highways 96 and 69 and is located near Michigan State University and Meridian Mall.  The office address is 4660 Marsh Rd.  It is a two story white house that has been converted into an office. 

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There are many psychotherapists and massage therapists who rent space in this building.  The address numbers are on the mailbox.

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From I-96
Take Exit #110 Mason/Okemos.  Head North on Okemos Rd. and travel about 2.5 miles.  You will travel past several lights.  After you pass the light at Mt. Hope and go over the brige by Ferguson Park, you will want to saty in the right hand lane and turn right at the next light. (Hamilton Rd.)  Stay in the left hand lane and take the turnabout 3/4 of the way around for a left hand turn onto Marsh.  You will pass a duplex on the right and the next building is mine.  Park in the big parking lot and go into the side entrance.

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From I-69
Take Exit #94.  Turn left at the light by McDonald's (Marsh Rd.)  Go approximately 4 miles past lights at Haslett, Central Park, Meridian Mall and Grand River.   My building is on the left hand side just north of the Baptist Church.

From Mt. Hope
Take Mt. Hope east until it dead ends at Okemos Rd.  Turn left onto Okemos and stay in the right hand lane.  The next light is Hamilton Rd.  Turn right there.  Stay in the left hand lane and take the roundabout 3/4 around for a left hand turn onto Marsh.  Go past a duplex and my building is the next building on the right hand side. 

Map To Annette's Office

Contact Annette:
4660 Marsh Rd.
P.O. Box 684
Okemos, MI  48805-0684
(517) 347-7457

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