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Everyone has the capability within themselves to overcome challenges and adversities. Stress and unpleasant life situations can leave people feeling off center and this can create difficulty for them to access their strength and inner resources. I see my job as working with a person in a collaborative manner to help him or her access this inner wisdom and become more centered. I believe in empowering my clients.

It takes great courage to come to someone for assistance. A safe and nonjudgmental environment is essential for people to explore their challenges and transform their life. This is an important element in the work that is done.  In addition, confidentiality is necessary to feel safe enough to share issues and personal feelings with someone, and your privacy is very important to me.  To learn more about my privacy policies and practices, please click here.

A variety of approaches are utilized in my work with someone, which vary with each individual’s situation. Both in-depth psychotherapy and short-term situation specific approaches can be utilized depending upon the client needs. Therapeutic modalities that are used include cognitive behavioral interventions, psychoeducation, insight oriented, psychodynamic, and ego supportive approaches. In addition, I work with EMDR and other power therapies, when appropriate, for trauma and phobias.

Too often people suppress their pain, not realizing that in doing so, they also suppress their joy. Therefore clients are encouraged to express their feelings and are assisted in regaining their emotional strength. My clients are also encouraged to take ownership of their life and to overcome the feeling of being a victim of circumstances and instead become a balanced and centered creator of their life.

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